Block Walls

Block Walls

Brief specifications of Block Walls

Wood type:Oak
Origins:Alps, Eastern Europe
Dimensions:W: 10 - 30 cm D: 1 - 6 cm
Delivery time:Within 3 working days

Extended specifications of Block Walls

Wood with History sells a large assortment of graded authentic block walls from stock at competitive prices. The beams have a beautiful appearance. The wood has been used for years in farms and buildings and therefore has a rich history. The wood is suitable for making a unique object, roofing, interior design or various other applications.


Block walls are available in lengths up to 5 meters and can be machined in a variety of ways.

A common operation for block walls is planing or brushing.


Block walls are available in various sizes:

Length: 1 to 5 meters

Width: 15 to 35cm

Thickness: 5-15cm

Possible processing Block walls

Please contact us for the possibilities.

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