Brief specifications of Barnwood

Wood type:Oak, Spruce
Origins:Alps and Eastern Europe
Editing:Brushed, Planed, with tongue and groove
Dimensions:L: 250 to 400cm W: 15 to 40cm D: about 25cm
Delivery time:Within 3 working days

Extended specifications of Barnwood

Wood with History has a large ongoing stock of barnwood planks.

The old pine planks have served as wall cladding for many years. The weathering has given the planks a unique appearance over the years.


Possible Barnwood processing

Spring and groove (grey)
Spring and groove (brown)

Dimensions of our Barnwood

We can plane, brush and/or tongue and groove the planks to your desired thickness.

The barnwood is available in the following sizes:

Length: 250 cm to 400 cm

Width: 15 cm to 40 cm

Thickness: approximately 25 mm

Wood type: Spruce (softwood species)

Color: Brown or Gray

Machining of our Barnwood


The wood has a beautiful color and deep grooves. The barnwood is selected by us by color and is available in brown and gray.

The barnwood comes from old farms, barns and mountain cabins.

Barnwood is highly applicable in interior design and furniture manufacturing, among other fields. For example, the planks can be used in kitchens, furniture, flooring and wall coverings.

Barnwood is also available with tongue and groove.

Barnwood oak

The oak barnwood comes from facades of old farms. The oak barnwood is good to use in furniture, paneling or kitchen cabinets.

Wood type: Oak

Can be supplied raw or sanded

Please contact us for the possibilities.

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