Lake poles

Lake poles

Concise specifications of Meerpalen

Wood type:Tropical hardwood
Origins:European ports
Dimensions:L: up to 12 meters Head size: 10x10 to 45x45
Delivery time:Within 3 working days

Extended specifications of Lake Poles

Hout met Historie has a large stock of mooring posts in various wood types and sizes. These mooring posts are processed by us into pedestals. The caps are used for wall covering. The mooring posts can also be used as building and construction timber, as ornamental beams or decorative.

A bollard is originally a pole to which ships can be tied. The bollards sold by Hout met Historie come from old harbors in the Netherlands.

We shorten the mooring posts for you as required.

Head size: from 10 x 10 to 45 x 45 cm

Length: up to 12 meters

Possible processing Lake poles

Please contact us for the possibilities.

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